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Greenvale home

Builder: Cakir Construction 

Site: Greenvale 

Products: Exterior Mouldings 

Date: 10.09.16

This home is still in progress, the exterior mouldings cannot be seen yet, however soon there will wall cladding, window architraves and keystones being used.

Avondvale Heights HOME

Builder: CPC Constructions

Site: Avondvale Heights

Products: Exterior Mouldings 

Date: 05.09.16

This home has used a combination of Window Architraves, keystones and exterior wall cladding to transform the outer appearance of the home. 


Builder: OzHomes 

Site: Wallan

Products: Exterior Mouldings 

Date: 03.09.16

Even a small touch can make all the difference to the look of a home, as can be seen by this home. DIS 121 has been used around the mid section of the home to add some modern flare.

Mernda HOME

Builder: Oz Homes  

Site: Mernda

Products: Exterior Mouldings 

Date: 16.07.16

This Mernda has add flare to the outside of their home with the use of Window Architraves. The outside of the home was fitted with Window Architraves, DIS 79 and DIS 121 were used.

Glen Waverley HOME

Builder: Kaplan Built 

Site: Glen Waverley

Products: Exterior Mouldings & Interior Mouldings 

Date: 21.05.16

This Glen Waverley home is looking stylish on the outside and inside with our exterior and interior mouldings.

The outside of the home was fitted with exterior wall cladding. Cornice EPS 151 was used on the inside of the home.