Villa Cornice is proud to be one of Australia’s largest distributors of interior and exterior products


Villa Cornice began in 2001, with the goal to provide the Australian market with a durable, lightweight and easy to install cornice range. We soon expanded and began distributing more than just cornices across Australia, by entering the exterior mouldings market.

Our aim is to provide Australians with products that are modern, beautiful and most importantly affordable. Villa Cornice currently distributes a unique range of Cornices, Ceiling Roses, 3D Wall Tiles, Blinds, and Exterior Mouldings.


About Our Products

Villa Cornice promises that our polystyrene mouldings will not warp or shrink like wood or MDF. Polystyrene mouldings only consist of polystyrene therefore a bunch of tools and saws are not required to achieve professional results. The surface of our mouldings do not look like styrofoam, and we guarantee you would not be able to notice the difference between our mouldings and any wood or plaster product. Villa Cornice provides you with white polystyrene mouldings that in itself looks so good, most of our customers don't find painting over the mouldings necessary. With Villa Cornice you can achieve the look you desire without the cost, time and headache of wood and plaster crown moulding.

Our decorative polystyrene crown mouldings consist of spectacular ornate details that others can not achieve at our price point. Our mouldings can be painted with any colour latex paint and can be installed with caulking on any building surface including brick, block, plaster, stone, wallpaper, glass, metal, wood, stucco, etc. Our mouldings are very easy to install. Our light weight mouldings can be installed in moist prone locations such as basements, bathrooms and cellars, unlike MD, wood and PU. Our product is truly the ultimate do-it-yourself crown moulding.